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 The Proteks System is an exterior protective and decorative coating for the long term protection of the exterior fabric of almost any building. Based on a modern synthetic resin, Proteks coatings gives structures an extremely tough weatherproof film that is remarkably resistant to weathering, even in the most rigorous climatic conditions. It is so resistant that an application of Proteks comes with a full written guarantee. Proteks  is the ultimate protection against the harsh British weather. Yet it is not a vapour barrier. In other words - whilst stopping water penetration it allows the walls to vent moisture from the inside of the property........

 The Proteks System offers a finish to suit a vast range of problems. From clear applications for brick and sandstone buildings. To textured and smooth applications in a huge range of colours.


Proteks is microporous. It will stop water penetration, yet allow walls to vent moisture.


Proteks has been protecting homes, offices and Multi-Storey flats for over 30 years.



 The Proteks System creates a water repellent barrier against the harsh British weather.


Proteks will save money on expensive heating bills and help prevent against heat loss in your home.



Long Life The Proteks System

Proteks  creates a water repellent barrier against the harsh British weather.


Unlike most paints that will blister and run Proteks  is resistant to fire.



Waterproofs Textured or Smooth Protecting your property for the future!


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